Monday, June 15, 2009

LPC in the 8th Philippine Toy Convention

June 13-14, 2009 were two important dates for LPC, It was the 8th Philippine Toy Convention (ToyCon). A 2 day event that was known as the biggest convention for toy enthusiast like me. I was there as a guest and was granted the opportunity to showcased my skills in customizing particularly in my recent hobby, Mighty Muggs. One milestone for LPC and I'm hoping that this will be my stepping stone for more good things to come.
Pictures below were taken in my display area.

My no. 1 fan beside my display cab
holding a munny as a sign of what's next in LPC.

A fellow collector observing details in each customs.

Yep, that's me!


  1. Congrats pare. :) I think more people looked at your display compared to the others. Show stopper! :D

    btw, workhorse3 here. :)

  2. absolutely awesome customs!!! are any of them for sale? and how much do they usually range in? i love the style of your work. congratulations for toycon! how long have you been doing this?!

    sensya na, plenty of questions. i just love seeing fellow filipino's in the scene of vinyl toys, and of course ART. let's me know i can make it.

    keep up the great work. hope to see more customs from you, and maybe i'll order one up.

  3. Hi Cath, some of the display are already a commission by fellow muggers.. It's my first time to display my work on an event.. the second one hopefully will be in the Manila Comic Convention on August.. I'll be displaying more creative projects on customizing muggs and some surprises from other vinyl lines. ;)

    thanks for dropping by and being a follower.

  4. Hi. I loved your display at Toycon. I sent a trackback to your blog just now. :)

  5. Thank You Sorsha! Thanks for including my works on you blog. ;)


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