Monday, February 1, 2010

Ganmetall Celsius Custom Show/Contest - 2010

Last saturday (Jan.30), Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica held their first Ganmetall Celsius Custom Show/Contest on Chef's Bistro restaurant in Tomas Morato. It was a wonderful event with lots of good things in it. Dropped down prices for blind boxes (from 350 pesos to 50 pesos each), Celsius Stickers, tasty snacks, light and cold atmosphere in the area, very king and beautiful vinyl enthusiasts and ofcourse the customized vinyls entries by the participating artists along side of Rotobox's masterpieces. I was excited to see them all and experience my first ever participation in a vinyl custom show/contest. I was there earlier than the opening and while waiting in the resto we took pictures of the place (pix below).

"Haribon", King of Birds. A rusted metal robot that was used decades ago to protect urban souls in a war against conquering enemies. It was kept in a base to reconstruct and to be born again.

Yeah, that's the name of my entry, bon.. Haribon. hehe.. and believe it or not, I won and I got the 1st place (big smile on my face again right now!)! My first contest in the vinyl world and I succeeded. Mission Completed! I got some cool prizes, gain new friends and new opportunities ahead of me. It was a memorable event for me!

Haribon will fly (ooppss.. I don't think so.. it was severly damaged.. hehe) to U.S for the Celsius Show this year but before that, Haribon along with other entries here will attend Gaby Dela Merced's Vinyls on Vinyls Urban Art and Music Show this February (see you there!)

me and spencer (rotobox founder)

me with spencer and the 3 judges

Gaby while judging my entry (Haribon)

1st place winner "Haribon"

me outside Chef's Bistro.

My prizes. Very very cool vinyls!!
They glow!! :)
More pictures from the event!


  1. a milestone indeed! congrats dude, you've really come a long way. Your creativity and resourcefulness did it for you. :)

    congrats again and more power to LPC!

  2. Thanks a lot Carlo for the support!


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