Friday, February 26, 2010

4th TAGCOM Toys & Hobbies Convention 2010

Toys ~ Anime ~ Gaming ~ COsplay ~ Movies/Maquettes

Hobbiworx Inc. in cooperation with Robinsons Midtown Mall brings you.....

"The Gathering "
4th TAGCOM Toys & Hobbies Convention
Feb. 27 & 28, 2010
Atrium of Midtown at Robinsons Place Manila Ermita, Manila
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Admission is FREE

I will be displaying my customs in this two day event. My "Toy Hunt" mode was switched ON already and hope I can snag some super hero squad, D.I.Y stuffs, hellboy and spawn stuffs

See yah!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Poly Vinyl Cranium Online Contest!

PVC (PolyVinylCranium) is an ONLINE Custom Toy Contest hosted by Delicious Drips and sponsored by SkullyBoom. Artists will customize a DIY Skully toy and compete for votes on the Delicious Drips submission site. The winners will take home cash prizes, gift certificates, toys and a 12 oz. Ziplock bag full of ego.

Our goal is to draw at least one hundred artists internationally with at least thirty shops participating. With this many shops and artists involved, we can guarantee tons of exposure for your work, not to mention a shot at making some honest money.


1st Place= $150 cash, $100 certificate to Delicious Drips, Origami x Toy2r Skate Deck

2nd Place= $100 cash, $50 certificate to Delicious Drips, 8″ Toy2r Bear Qee

3rd Place= $25 cash, $25 certificate to Delicious Drips, Headphonie of your choice

4th-10th Place= $20 certificates to Delicious Drips

Awards will be given to the top ten entries. Winning is determined by the number of points you accumulate in votes. Votes are given based on how “tasty” your toy is (Eye Poison= 0 pts, Edible =1pt, Satisfying=2pts, Yummy=3pts, and Delicious=4pts). Each point you accumulate can also be redeemed for discounts in the Delicious Drips store.

Voting will take place for seven days from March 15th to the 22nd. Winners are announced on March 25th.

Follow these steps to enter:
1. Purchase a DIY Skully direct from SkullyBoom or one of the participating retailers (first ten entries get a free Skully by entering code “earlybird” at checkout in the SkullyBoom store.)
2. Customize your Skully any way you’d like. Cut it, paste it, load it, sculpt it, paint it, brush it, save it, tune it, spray it. Get technologic.
3. Take several extremely sexy pictures of your finished work
4. Resize the pictures so that they are no 600 pixels wide and no taller than 800 pixels. If you know how, Photoshop the hell out of it and make it look impossibly good.
5. Register for an account on the Delicious Drips Submission site if you don’t already have one
6. Submit your toy design on the site
7. Prepare for the release of the toys into the onine gallery at noon on March 15th, then VOTE and PROMOTE!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Haribon sightings on Unang Hirit!

Look Mom! Haribon is on TV!! weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

picture from rotobox vinyl anatomica blog site.

Rotobox was featured on GMA 7's morning show (very early morning.. lol), Unang Hirit last Wednesday. Check out more of their UH pix HERE

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Haribon is CTU's Custom of the Week

A big big Thank You to B.A.L.D and Fuller (moderators) for making Haribon their CTU Custom of the Week!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vinyl on Vinyl

My custom "Haribon" (Ganmetall Celsius) with the rest of the entries in the recently concluded Rotobox's Ganmetall Custom Show will also be on display here.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Haribon - Ganmetall Celsius Custom

This is Haribon!!

1st place winner in the

Ganmetall Celsius Custom Show/Contest 2010

Ganmetall Celsius Custom Show/Contest - 2010

Last saturday (Jan.30), Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica held their first Ganmetall Celsius Custom Show/Contest on Chef's Bistro restaurant in Tomas Morato. It was a wonderful event with lots of good things in it. Dropped down prices for blind boxes (from 350 pesos to 50 pesos each), Celsius Stickers, tasty snacks, light and cold atmosphere in the area, very king and beautiful vinyl enthusiasts and ofcourse the customized vinyls entries by the participating artists along side of Rotobox's masterpieces. I was excited to see them all and experience my first ever participation in a vinyl custom show/contest. I was there earlier than the opening and while waiting in the resto we took pictures of the place (pix below).

"Haribon", King of Birds. A rusted metal robot that was used decades ago to protect urban souls in a war against conquering enemies. It was kept in a base to reconstruct and to be born again.

Yeah, that's the name of my entry, bon.. Haribon. hehe.. and believe it or not, I won and I got the 1st place (big smile on my face again right now!)! My first contest in the vinyl world and I succeeded. Mission Completed! I got some cool prizes, gain new friends and new opportunities ahead of me. It was a memorable event for me!

Haribon will fly (ooppss.. I don't think so.. it was severly damaged.. hehe) to U.S for the Celsius Show this year but before that, Haribon along with other entries here will attend Gaby Dela Merced's Vinyls on Vinyls Urban Art and Music Show this February (see you there!)

me and spencer (rotobox founder)

me with spencer and the 3 judges

Gaby while judging my entry (Haribon)

1st place winner "Haribon"

me outside Chef's Bistro.

My prizes. Very very cool vinyls!!
They glow!! :)
More pictures from the event!

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