Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TAGCOM 2010 Pictures!

TAGCOM was a success for all toy collectors and hobbyist. We got the chance to buy affordable toys and as always, meeting fellow collectors was the best part.

My display at the event was also a success and I would like to share it to all of you by posting some pictures from the event. I would like to thank all the LPC customers, Allen (xpatch), Boyet (Talisac), Nelson (rediahs), Mark (markdwinc) and Mon (monvdd), who lend their LPC muggs to me for the display. I will now return them to you guys!

The display (picture from Allen)

Me and Allen's son. (picture from Allen)

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  1. sorry man, wasn't able to lend you my 3 LPC muggs, would have been great. terribly busy with new work and was out of town during TAGCOM. Hope I didn't miss a lot.

    til your next display! :D


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