Monday, October 19, 2009

LPC: Batman art by Jim Lee

Ladies and Gentlemen..
LPC presents..

How I wish this is for myself.. :D


  1. grabe bro paangas ng paangas mga gawa mo!!! may wire yung cape? sana mag 2010 naaa hahaha :)


  2. thanks mark.. hehe malapit na konting hintay na lang.

  3. Very nice BatMan ToyBoy! Way better than the over rated Legendary Customs version. I know what you mean about sometimes not wanting to let go of your work.

  4. Thanks Matt.. yeah its really hard to let go! but it's already paid in full that's why I have to. hahaha. I'll try to make one for my own collection! :)

  5. Don't be fooled by Jeta,aka Legendary and Imersion. He is trying to fool the forum again with his split personalities. Beware!
    Are you going to make a Planet Hulk? PatMan is a huge fan of the character and has done some custom sculpts himself.

  6. yup i'm going to make one for trade of hellboy items. haha..

    how do you know patman? are you talking about patman from statue forum?

  7. I met PatMan on myspace. He's a great sculptor. I have a five inch tall HellBoy hand replica from Sideshowcollectibles. I'm more a fan of the animated Hellboy series.

  8. I see. I also have that replica in my collection. I also like the animated series, especially its 10" roto figure.

  9. I have the 10" figure. I also had the 12" tall Kroenen figure from SideShowCollectibles but sold it on ebay.


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