Tuesday, November 10, 2009

LPC: Red Mask from Maskman

Made this one for Mon, "monvdd" of Pinoy Toy Kolektor forum.
Enjoy Mon!!


  1. panalo bro!!! kuhang kuha mo! :) wag mo nang ibigay kay mon hahahaha! joke :) kukumplethuin mo ba silang lima?

  2. Thanks mark!!
    haha nakuha na mark..
    inagahan eh. haha..
    di ko alam kay mon..
    mukhang hindi kasi red mask lang gusto nya ata. hehehe.

  3. hahaha parang pringles, once you pop you can't stop hehehe :) maya maya baka meron na ring great five at galaxy robo sa portfolio mo :)

  4. kukumpletuhin yan! pag nabenta ko mga toys na naligaw sa collection ko at nalibre si Nico =) - mon

  5. What's up with Fuller making the attempt to out do your Kratos?! His is very similar to yours but yours has his beat by a mile. Your lines and muscle definition are so much better. When you made the Cyclops, it turned out better than mine, that's how it should be. The rule is, if you're gonna make a custom that someone else already did, make it better.

  6. I just hope everybody won't forget my Kratos!!

  7. I sure haven't. Let's not forget Gladiator!


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