Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ToyCon 2010 is coming!

4 days to go for the most awaited toy, hobbies and collectibles convention here in our country. I'm really excited and my wallet is ready to hunt some goodies. But before the big event, mr. toyboy is busier than his normal days because I need to finish a few more customs for my mighty muggs display in the event. I already have the 3 Tekken figures which were posted here already and two more new muggs which will debut in the event. I will also display some of my previous works like gray hulk, red hulk, and new captain america. I will also display the terran marine noobz and my skully clocktower. :D

Time flies really fast, whew!! Last year event is still fresh in my memory. You can check my last year Toycon muggs display HERE
See you there!!


  1. big time ka na talaga hahaha! taon taon ang invitation sa toycon :) looking forward to see your masterpieces! kitakits nalang, dala ko na yung japanese exclusive mo :)

  2. ngek haha.. hindi mark. ako yung nagtanong kung may slot pa. haha.. wag mo muna dalhin.. sayo muna.. nakakahiya naman kapag kinuha ko agad yan.. kapag start na ko..


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