Sunday, July 10, 2011

HELLBOY: Art by Mike Mignola

 A few days ago, I have this hellboy mighty muggs on my shelf unfinished, just some sculpts and no paint at all, because I have so many orders to attend to. After months of standing there waiting for me to give him some attention, I decided to finished the red monkey base on the art of the creator himself, Mike Mignola.  The Fugitive Toys and Mighty Muggs Forum Custom Contest is the reason why I finished this mugg. I want my favorite comic character represents me in this battle. If you want him to win, you can vote for him by "Like"ing the Fugitive Toys FB page and then "Like" my custom Hellboy HERE.

A Big Thanks to all those that will support HB!!

free wallpaper. 800 pix in width.

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