Sunday, September 18, 2011

Charlie Chaplin

For the last two years, United Way Organization in Texas, USA, has been using custom mighty muggs to raise money  for their cause. An idea that a Mighty Muggs forum member and also a United Way member, Justin or pikey (his username), introduced. According to Justin, "United Way is a global charity organization that has local chapters all over the world. Our United Way campaign has raised over 2 million dollars each of the last two years. Each year we raise more and more. United way helps with education, financial needs and health of those less fortunate by giving to Other charities all over the world.""

(if you want to find out more details about United way, head over to their site:

This year, I'm happy that Justin invited me and I definitely said "yes" for the cause.

I really hope someone will buy my piece in the auction so that I can contribute more on this great cause! 

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