Monday, December 21, 2009


A BIG BIG Thank you for the guys/gals in TOMOPOP.COM for these write-ups about LPC. I trully appreciates the support and it gives me more inspiration to create amazing customs. Hope I will not fail to amaze you guys.. more customs in 2010! ;)


I would also like to thank a fellow Filipino collector who is a huge Cyclops collector and a very kind and very understanding friend of mine, Carlo Ricohermoso for his blog write-ups about LPC's work on his commissions. Also a very generous guy adding bonuses on top of the trade for the commissions. ;)


CYCLOPS - Art by Jim Lee

Always a pleasure making a mugg for you bro. 2010 is coming, hope we have more deals to come.

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  1. no prob dude :) it's the little way I can repay the gesture too, knowing the quality of work you put into the customized muggs in my collection. and yes, looking forward too for next year! I have a few in mind, haha!


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