Thursday, December 17, 2009

LPC: Michael Jackson Munny

Hi fellow vinyl addicts!!

Welcome to LPC's first munny custom. It's Michael Jackson, first custom in my King of Pop Munny Series. This MJ customs was based on his zombie costume when he made his "Thriller" music video which is a world record holder in music industry. The hair was fully sculpted while the face was painted by hand. There were also some sculpted details on his suit to emphasize the details. I planned to create 2 more King of Pop custom munny in 2010 to come along with this one and hopefully I will able to sell them in set.

Stay tune for other Custom Munny Series in 2010.


  1. panalo bro! pati munny pinatos mo na hehe :) angas ng sculpt ng buhok! :) baka maya maya kunin ka na niyan sa ibang bansa para magdesign para sa kanila hehe :)

  2. thanks mark.. pero malayong malayo pa to sa mga masters sa ibang bansa pagdating sa pagcustomize ng munny! malulupet mga yun.

  3. may nakita akong local na customizer, voltron na munny ata ginawa. pero alam ko kaya mong daigan yun hahaha :)

  4. ahh si Jan yun. malupet nga yun. hahaha. malupet idea nun. hehehe.


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