Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project Bear Details

From the CTU Boards:  

We are pleased to announce a new project in conjunction with Toy2R: Project Bear

Planned release February 7th 2011 @10am PST.

This will be an "online" art show debuting the new 5" Bear Qee DIY platform and will feature hand painted customs from the following amazing Custom Toy Union artists:

Hugh Rose
Nico Deacosta

Each artist will be making *four mini Qee Bear customs, they will be shown on a separate gallery site HERE   pics to be added on the 7th.They will be sold through our online store HERE

We want to give much appreciation to Toy2R for supplying the bases and helping make this happen.

*Also these artists will be contributing a fifth Qee to be shown at the NYC♥QEE Toy Fair Preview Party happening February 14th, set to debut the new 5" Mini Qee DIY Collection at Yoyamart. Click HERE for details.

Some friendly advice: It would be a good idea to be at the store a few minutes before the drop, just to make sure you're there when they are released. It's first come first serve, and all of them are amazing.

Just to remind everyone the planned release
February 7th 2011 @10am PST.

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